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When we say "Taste of The Bronx" we mean way more than food. Our curated boxes feature Bronx-based businesses - from chocolate makers to picture takers. You'll get a taste of the borough's best, 4 times a year!


4 boxes, 4 themes

The "Taste of The Bronx" Box is released 4 times a year and each box features different items that share a common theme. What's that? You thought "The Bronx" was the theme? Silly rabbit, we gotta keep things interesting! Future themes include a "Spring into Love" Box, a "Summer BBQ" Box, a "Back to School" Box & more!


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"Taste of The Bronx" serves one purpose: TO SUPPORT SMALL BRONX BUSINESSES! We work hard to find businesses offering unique, high-quality products from The Bronx. "Taste of The Bronx" hopes to put each business in touch with a new audience and future customers. We aim to show the world that The Bronx is rich with history, culture and quality!


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"Taste of The Bronx" boxes get delivered right to your door 4 times a year. Each box features local Bronx businesses and its contents are a surprise. It's like getting an incredible Bronx-themed care package from the borough's best!

Taste of the bronx monthly Pop-Up market

Love the idea of a subscription box, but not quite ready to jump on board? Let's get physical at the "Taste of The Bronx" Monthly Pop-Up Market hosted. Each month you'll have the opportunity to meet local Bronx entrepeneurs, sample their wares and sign up for the "Taste of The Bronx" Box in person! Are you a Bronx-based business interested in signing up? Complete our online Vendor Application

NOTE: Taste of The Bronx Pop-Up Markets are on hold as a result of COVID-19. We are currently working to provide virtual market opportunities for interested vendors.

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